1. Spring rolls. POR PIA TOD 2. Grilled chicken or beef satays served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. NEUA, GAI SATAYS 3. Fried Wantons. GIEW KROB TOD 3A. Shrimp crackers with curry paste dip. KAOW KREAB KUNG 4. Chicken buns and Thai dumplings. DIM SUM 5. Stir fried chicken in curry paste with shrimp crackers. GAI PAD NAM PRIK PAOW and KREAB KUNG 6. Crispy calamari battered with coconut flakes. PLA MUK TOD M.1. Minced shrimp on toast. KANOM PANG NA GOONG

    7. A favorite Thai hot prawn soup seasoned with lime, lemon grass and chili. TOM YAM GUNG 8. Chicken and galangal shoots in coconut milk soup. TOM KA GAI 9. Thai Wanton soup. GIEW NAM 10. Beef soup with spices. GIEW NAM 11. Spicy and sour seafood soup. POH TAEK

    11A. Spicy Thai salad (carrot or cucumber) SOM TAM 12. Spicy grilled sirloin beef salad. YUM NEUA YANG 13. Spicy glass noodle salad with chicken, shrimp or minced pork. YUM WOON SEN 14. Spicy chicken salad . LAP GAI

    15. Stir fried Chicken with fresh ginger and funghi mushrooms. GAI PAD KING 16. Thai style sweet and sour chicken or beef. PHAD GAI PEOW WAN 17. Beef or duck with herbs. NEAU, PED PAD SAMUN PRAI 18. Pork or chicken fried with garlic and pepper. MOO, GAI TOD KRATHIEM PRIK TAI 19. Stir fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. PAD PAK TAM RUE-DOO 20. Stir fried beef in oyster sauce. NEUA PAD NAM MUN HOY) 21. Stir fried shrimps with mixed vegetables. PAD PED PAK 22. Stir fried beef with bamboo. PAD PRIOK

    23. Beef or chicken in green curry with coconut milk. GAENG KIEW WAN NEUA, GAI 24. Chicken in yellow curry with coconut milk. GAENG KAREE GAI 25. Beef in a coconut milk curry with potatoes and roasted peanuts. MASSAMAN NEUA 26. Red curry with chicken or beef garnished with kafir lime leaves. GAENG PED NEUA, GAI 27. Roasted duck in red creamy curry with green pepper. GAENG PED 28. Seabass fillet in red creamy curry. CHOO CHEE PLA 29. Red creamy curry with chicken, beef or shrimp and with coconut milk. PANAENG NEUA, GAI, GUNG

    30. Fried noodles Thai style with shrimp. PAD THAI 30A. Fried noodles with chicken, sweetbasil and fresh chillies. PAD K EE MAOW 31. Noodle soup with chicken or pork. GUAY TIEW NAM GAI, NEUA, MOO 33. Fried rice with chicken or shrimps. KAOW PAD 33A. Fried rice with cashewnuts, pineapple and chicken or vegetables. KAOW PAD SAPPAROD 35. Steamed rice. KAO SUAY M.4. Steamed rice with coconut milk. KHAO MAN M.5. Steamed Thai jasmin rice. KAOW HORM MAL

    S.2. Steamed fish with fresh garlic, spices and fresh lemon . PLA NUNG MA NAOW S.3. Deep fried whole fish with garlic. PLA TOD KRATIAM S.4. Steamed whole fish with fresh ginger. PLA NUNG SEE-EW S.5. Crispy chicken with cashew nuts, fresh ginger and chilli. GAI PAD MED MAMUANG S.6. Stir fried prawns with garlic and black pepper with mixed vegetables. GUNG KRATIAM-PRIK THAI S.7. Spicy minced chicken, beef or fish with basil. PAD KRA PRAW S.8. Sizzling, chicken, beef, calamari, pork. KRA TA ROAN S.9. Egg noodle topped with crispy duck. PAD MEE and PED TOD M.2. Crispy pork with fresh garlic and chili. MOO TOD KROB

    36. Fried banana with vanilla ice cream. KLUAY TOD 37. Deep fried ice cream. ICE CREAM TOD 38. Ice cream, vanilla and chocolate. 39. Lycee in syrup 40. Thai puding. KHA NOM TAKO 41. Mint and chocolate ice cream 42. Passion Fruit and Mango sorbe 43. Lemon and lime sorbe
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